Describe Azure services

At the time of writing in excess of 50 services are available on Azure and both the number of available services and functionality within each service is being increased rapidly.

Azure Services are catalogued on the Azure website by category.

It is important to note not all services may be available in all regions or certain functionality or options may not be available. A common example of this is VM instance sizes which you should ensure are available for your region before initiating any design or planning activity.

Azure Compute

Azure supports both Linux and Windows VMs with a large gallery to choose the desired system images from.


Azure Virtual Machine are divided into a number of categories, at the time of writing A, D, DS, G, and GS. Each category offers VMs optimised for different use cases:

  • A for general purpose, higher end A-series VMs provide more powerful CPU
  • D(S) for more powerful CPU, D(S)v2 for most powerful CPU
  • G(S) for maximum memory
  • DS and GS series for high I/O

Detailed, up to date specifications can be located on the Azure website here.

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