GFS Datacenters

Azure Global Foundation Services (GFS)

Cloud-scale datacentres provide the core infrastructure and foundational technologies for its 200-plus online services, including Bing, MSN, Office 365, Xbox Live, Skype, OneDrive and Microsoft Azure. #Microsoft

To date Microsoft claim they have invested $15 billion in their datacenter infrastructure. Microsoft describe their datacenters as possessing the following 3 key attributes:

  • Hyperscale

Microsoft Azure is currently available in 22 regions with plans for 8 more.


Is is important to note not all services are available in all datacenters and some special restrictions apply, for example:

Azure is now available in China through a unique partnership between Microsoft and 21Vianet.

The Australia regions are available to customers with a business presence in Australia or New Zealand.

  •  Enterprise Grade

Enterprise capabilities and features to address security, compliance, interoperability, reliability, and performance.

  • Hybrid

Services which span and integrate on premise environments with the public cloud. This is also a key differentiator between Microsoft and Amazon, the latter’s vision being far more fixed on public cloud alone.

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Certification on Azure

Here I share my certification journey and content I hope readers will find helpful in preparing for the exams. This post will provide overarching guidance and links to associated posts on this website and external content.

Become a Microsoft Azure Specialist. With Azure certification, you’ll gain professional recognition for your expertise in the full range of Azure solutions.

Source: MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect Certification | Microsoft Learning

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Satya Nadella

Microsoft envisions a cloud-empowered world. A world of more possibility, more innovation, more openness and more sky’s-the-limit thinking. A world where passionate innovators come to collaborate, envisioning what can be and taking both their careers – and the cloud – places they simply couldn’t anywhere else. #SatyaNadella

Azure Learning Resources

Bookmark this! | Just scroll and click : An easy to use A-Z list of Azure services with friendly hyperlinks to access additional content you may need for training or hands-on learning.

Microsoft Virtual Academy free expert-led online training.  Videos, live events and more to prepare for exams and learn about Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials includes free Azure credits, enabling users to try their hand at dev/test, backup, security and other cloud-related tasks. Also included is a free Pluralsight online training subscription, TechNet forums priority support, a free exam voucher, and extended Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite trials.

Microsoft IT Pro Career Center is geared toward professionals seeking guidance on how to navigate the cloud IT job market. Visitors can map out potential IT roles and progress along coursework that is tailored to those roles. The online resource site also includes expert advice and salary information for in-demand positions.

Microsoft Press free ebooks

Microsoft Azure infographics These technical infographics are excellent for learning and training. Best viewed on a large screen or printed on A3.