Describe the use cases for Azure Automation configuration

Automation of infrastructure state is often refereed to as ‘infrastructure as code’. A key aspect of this practice is Desired State Configuration, that is ensuring through automation that infrastructure services are configured as expected.

  • Azure Automation – Desired State Configuration
    • Ensure installs / configures a component if missing
    • Absent removes a component or configuration setting if present
    • Scripts defined in Powershell Runbooks
    • For Windows platforms automate almost any task
    • Consider System Center Orchestrator for higher level management and GUI
  • Chef – 3rd party product for management, automation & analytics
    • Client installed which periodically checks server for updates
    • Built on Ruby
    • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac
    • Cookbooks (group of scripts) known as recipes
    • Knife plugin used for Azure integration
  • Puppet – similar to Chef
    • Azure supports automatic deployment of Puppet Enterprise Agent
    • Configure client to communicate with Puppet Master Server

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