Deploy websites

Several methods exist for deploying Azure websites: 

Azure site extensions can be deployed to add custom administrator functionality to your website.Site Control Manager can be setup to manage sites and extensions.

Web deployment packages can be created in Visual Studio and allow quick deployment of websites:

  • .zip file contains all files for deployment including:
    • .cmd file to customise IIS installation
    • .xml files to specify site parameters

Azure App Service Plan provides a mechanism to group web apps and other app services together to manage and scale. Deployment slots allow code to be staged and easily promoted from development to production and backed out. Database connection strings can be sticky per slot to ensure when new code is promoted into production it will use the production database and vice versa.

Web Apps can use a local GIT repository on Azure or an existing source control system. Dropbox can also be used with Azure as an external deployment source with the rollback feature enabled to revert to previous code versions.



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