Design web apps for scalability and performance

Websites can be scaled globally by serving content to clients using the CDN service and Azure Traffic Manager for performance load balancing.

Create website using Visual Studio and Azure SDK. Publish web applications using:

  • Azure PowerShell script
  • Publish from Visual Studio using Web Deploy
  • Publish using FTP

Debug published websites using:

  • Monitoring metrics through Azure portal
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Visual Studio for remote debugging
  • Site Control Manager (Project Kudu)

Azure provides support for developing applications and websites in a number of languages:

  • .NET (C#, Visual Basic)
  • Java (tomcat or jetty)
  • Node.js (server-side version of JavaScript)
  • PHP
  • Python

It is possible to run web applications on Virtual Machines, Cloud Services or Web Apps. Each provides benefits, a VM will allow greater flexibility in providing full control of the Operating System and installed applications while a Web App can be a more cost effective option with less management overhead and is easier to scale.



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