Integrate Azure services in a solution

There are a significant number of Azure services available to design your application. Each service offers its own SLAs.

With the growth of semi structured and unstructured data sets alternatives to relational databases such as SQL have become important. Some examples of requirements and Azure services which can be deployed to address them are as follows:

  • Search and query options – DocumentDB, Azure Search
  • Caching – Azure Redis Cache, CDN
  • Recommendation – Azure Search, Azure Machine Learning

Analysing large sets of data in motion has led to the release of many Open Source solutions including Hadoop, Kafka and Storm. Azure offers a range of Big Data and IoT services.

Components of a Big Data solution are likely to include:



Enterprise mobile applications address the growth of mobile and BYOD. Ingredients of a mobile application are likely to include:

  • Authentication & Identity (Azure AD & Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL))
  • Access to on-premise data & services (Azure Application Proxy, Service Bus Relay or Azure App Service BizTalk API Apps Hybrid Connections)
  • Push notifications (Notification Hub)
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Security & Compliance (Workplace Join, Azure Rights Management, Key Vault)



Related services can be managed using Azure resource groups defining a lifecycle boundary in a JSON-based template and applying RBAC policies to secure said resources.

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