Design applications that use notifications

Push notification is available with Azure Mobile Services for Google Cloud Messaging, Windows Store Apps and Apple Push Notification.The client application receives a handle from the Push Notification Service (PNS) the passes that handle to a service that controls the notifications.

Push notification can be done through Mobile Services or using a Notification Hub. Notification Hub supports millions of notifications in minutes so is the best option at scale. Each platform requires a client secret, API Key or certificate to push. There are advantages to using a Notification Hub which include:

  • Support for more devices including Kindle, iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Devices can register tags to identify the unique device and user interest topics
  • Avoid the requirement to store device information in the mobile or cloud service
  • Templates can be used to customise the pushed data

Azure Mobile Services can be a more cost-effective option that Notification Hubs however it can also introduce complexity and constrain functionality and scale. Both services offer a Free, Basic and Standard tier the Basic and Standard tiers come with a 99.9% Availability SLA.

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