Design applications that use mobile services

Azure App Service allows developers to create mobile, logic, web and API applications.

Mobile Services is an Azure PaaS service implemented in Node.js and .NET that works with Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone and HTML. It connects mobile apps and back-end data storage, typically SQL server. Table storage and MongoDB can also be used.

  • .NET projects are built in Visual Studio on top of a Web API project
  • Node.js mobile services are created using the Azure management portal

Create a proxy to a data source to use an external database.

Soft delete for data marks deleted data as such but retains it for future  reference.

Hooks into Azure AD and social-networking providers (Facebook, Twitter, Google). APIs support authentication using these methods. Data authorisation settings limit calls to the mobile service by users without appropriate permissions:

  • Application Key Required
  • Everyone
  • Authenticated Users – User ID and authorisation token
  • Admins and Other Scripts – Master Key

Mobile services has basic push notification system and can link, in to Notification Hub service.

Mobile Services has a free plan and basic and standard plans the latter 2 offering 99.9% SLA. Azure App services has the same 3 tiers with Basic and Standard offering 99.95% SLA however it is notably more expensive.

Develop mobile apps using Windows, iOS, Android, HTML/JS and Xamarin (C#).

Offline Sync uses a SQLite database within the app to allow  data to be synchronised to mobile devices for when the device has no Internet connectivity. Another option is to serialize data to a local data file on the device, this will require additional coding.

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