Design Data Storage

By default each Azure subscription supports up to 100 storage accounts. Each storage account supports up to 500TB and 20,000 IOPS. Detailed information on subscription limts can be found on the Azure website.

Each storage accounts supports the following types of storage:

  • Blobs (Binary Large Objects) – Unstructured data
    • Block – streaming
    • Page – random read/write (VM disks)
  • Queue – messaging system for low latency, high throughput
  • Table – NoSQL structured data sets
  • Files – SMB 2.1 file share

Azure supports relational and non-relational databases:

  • Relational
    • Azure SQL – Deployed as a PaaS service or IaaS service (optionally from a standard image template). Databases can be up to 16TB.
    • MySQL – ClearDB database deployed from the Marketplace
  • Non-relational
    • DocumentDB – NoSQL JSON document-based
    • MongoDB – Open-source NoSQL option deployed from the Marketplace as an IaaS template, SaaS service or installed manually on an Azure IaaS VM

Methods available to interact with and move data to Azure storage include:

  • Import / Export service
  • AzCopy
  • Client Libraries (Ruby, Java, C++, Node,js, Python, PHP, etc.)
  • Powershell
  • RESTful API




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