Azure Traffic Manager & CDN

Azure Traffic Manager & Content Distribution Network (CDN) are Azure services  which support global systems.

Azure Traffic Manager

Routes traffic to services running in different regions based on performance and reliability.

  • Provides global load balancing based on DNS name resolution
  • A * DNS entry is associated with the service
  • A custom domain name may point to the * DNS entry
  • A CNAME for the endpoint is returned based on the configured policy

Endpoint selection is dependent on the policy and chosen method:

  • Round-robin: Traffic distributed evenly or based on weighting
  • Performance: Traffic distributed based on lowest latency
  • Failover: Primary endpoint used first, secondary in the event it is unavailable

Traffic Manager supports up to 10 levels of nesting for more complex traffic distribution scenarios and requirements.


In addition to the facilities which Azure operates out of, CDN point of presence (POP) locations are also placed in strategic locations globally. This network allows content to be delivered to users from the closest location, improving performance for the user and reducing the load on the central node(s).

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