Microsoft Band 2

So having decided to get back in shape I started researching smart watches. I was aware of the FitBit, having seen a few friends and colleagues with them, but thought I’d check out what else was available. Ultimately I settled with the Microsoft Band 2 and am quite pleased with it after several days, future updates will be added to this blog entry.

The 3 key contenders in this space appear to be the:

  • Microsoft Band 2
  • Fitbit Surge
  • Apple Watch

There are plenty of good articles on the web comparing their relative merits, e.g.

The decision for me came down to several factors:

  • Price – At £150 from most major retailers it offers a lot of functionality without blowing the bank (Amazon sent me it through Prime Delivery the next day)
  • Integration – I downloaded the Microsoft Health app before purchasing the phone and was impressed with it. Also the integration between PC, mobile device and digital watch looked impressive with the ability to use Cortana for voice commands even with an Android mobile device (providing you have a Windows 10 PC).
  • Brand – For anyone that knows me or has read my Azure posts I’m certainly a fan of the Microsoft brand and I’m confident there will be significant future development to introduce new features and improve integration.

So all in all quite pleased with my purchase at the present time, now key to remember the goal of facilitating a healthier lifestyle and moving away from my PC.

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